Top 8 Reasons Why You Should Buy LogosLED’s IP65 Waterproof LED Panel Light

Are you looking for an IP65 waterproof LED panel light for the damp environment? Here are some reasons why you should take a look at our waterproof LED panel light.

1. Waterproof rubber ring, no glue: Special designed rubber ring for waterproof
LogosLED designed a special module just suitable for our waterproof LED panel light, it fits tightly and works closely with the aluminum frame to keep water out of the lighting fixture;

Professional Rubber Ring for LED Waterproof Panel Light

2. Waterproof connectors: 2 waterproof connectors for both lamp and driver

We use professional waterproof connectors for the connection of wires, and the customized designed backboard are just made according to the connectors;

IP65 Water proof LED Panel Light Detail 2

3. Use more screws than others, reliable quality

We use more screws than other suppliers on the back of our LED panel light to make the light fixture more reliable;

Back of LED Waterproof Panel Light

4. High-quality waterproof driver for damp environment

High quality IP65 drivers according to EN&IEC standards are used, reliable for damp environment;

5. Backboard: Galvanized backplate for rust protection
6. LM80 LEDs, long lifespan

We use LM80 LEDs, long lifetime over 50,000 hours;

Structure of LED Panel Light

7. High quality 3.0mm PMMA LGP

We use high-quality 3.0mm PMMA LGP(Light Guide Panel) with laser dot printing technology, high light uniformity, and no yellowish;

8. 10.5mm thickness aluminum profile for best heat sinking performance

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