What color temperature is LED lighting

Every light bulb package has a description of the light given off by the bulb. It may read Warm, Cool, Natural, or Daylight, but that might not be enough to help you decide which bulb to use for which room of your home. Here we will explain the color temperature of LED lighting and which temperatures are best in certain rooms of the home. The Colour Scale LED commercial  lights come in a range from soft yellows to bright whites. Warm light tends [...]

LED Panel Light: Are All LED Panels the Same?

LED Panel Light: Are All LED Panels the Same? What is LED panel light: it is also known as flat panel light, a kind of light fixture that uses an LED light source and is surface-emitting. The LED panel light is a high-end indoor lighting fixture. Its outer frame is made of aluminum alloy and anodized with paint spraying. The light source is LED. The design of the whole lamp is vigorous, elegant, and luxurious. It not only has good [...]

LED Sports Lighting Color Temperature: Which is Best for Footballer?

LED Sports Lighting Color Temperature: Which is Best for Footballer? In the last few years LED lights have gained a lot of popularity because these lights are very energy efficient as well as brighter than traditional lighting fixtures. For any stadium, LED is the best option as it is brighter as well as durable. LED lighting provides a consistent level of lighting ensuring safety and enjoyment for both the players and the spectators. Apart from the brightness of lighting fixtures, [...]

3 Tips for Good Sport Lighting

3 Tips for Good Sport Lighting Why does sport need good lighting? All sporting events need good lighting to achieve the best results and this will delight participants and viewers whether they are on site or watching at home on TV. Increasingly, arenas are used not only for various sports, but even for other events, as well as concerts, theater performances, and exhibitions. This must also be taken into account when designing the lighting. Sports events are increasingly broadcast on the [...]

What’re Light Colors – From Warm to Cool

What’re Light Colors – From Warm to Cool Humans experience their environment not only through light and shadow, but also through colors. The light color of a lamp also determines the impression of the room and is an important criterion when planning biologically effective lighting. The light of each light source has its own color, the so-called light color. It is described by the color temperature, measured in Kelvin (K). The higher the temperature value, the cooler the light color. The light [...]

Lighting required values and tips for soccer stadiums in accordance with UEFA regulations

Lighting required values and tips for soccer stadiums in accordance with UEFA regulations The light temperature should be between 4000K and 6000K. The lighting system inside the stadium must be installed in a way to minimize the intensity of the players’ shadows cast on the field, to get the best result it’s recommended distributing the origin of the luminous flux uniformly on all the field sides, if such installation isn’t possible, the luminous flux will still have to come from at [...]

Colour Reproduction and Color Rendering Index

Colour Reproduction and Color Rendering Index Light and color determine the climate atmosphere of a room. For our well-being, it is important that the colors of the environment and human skin are reproduced as realistically as possible. If one’s skin color appears pale and colorless, it is not because of the cool light color of a lamp, but rather because of its poor color rendering quality. This property of a light source describes how naturally illuminated faces or objects appear in [...]

What is Sports Lighting?

What is Sports Lighting? Sports lighting is, therefore, the incorporation of artificial lighting in the stadiums to help mimic the natural lighting during the day to ensure the continuity of the sports. Due to the advancement of technology, there has been a massive improvement in the lighting of the stadiums where it becomes difficult to distinguish between day and night. Bright LED lights are now been used in many stadiums which are proving vital and necessary in the sporting world. Types of [...]

All You Need to Know About Flickering of LED Light

All You Need to Know About Flickering of LED Light The flickering of light sources as well as pulsation and stroboscopic effects cause visual disturbances and can lead to fatigue and headaches. You must, therefore, be avoided. Fluctuations in brightness are referred to as flicker. The observer perceives them as very disturbing. These fluctuations are perceived by humans as very unpleasant at low frequencies (in extreme cases up to approx. 80 Hz). As an exception, low-frequency flicker can also trigger photosensitive [...]

4 Benefits with Light Management

4 Benefits with Light Management The lighting technology is an essential part of the technical equipment of buildings. With professional planning, it offers great added value for operators and users. Intelligent light management and the use of LEDs enable tailor-made solutions for lighting: needs-based, convenient, and efficient. Only “on” and “off” was yesterday. Light management systems bring the right light to the right place – at the right time and in the right intensity. Whether high illuminance levels for demanding visual tasks, presence dependent controlled lighting in passage areas, or selectable lighting scenes such as “discussion” and “presentation” in meeting rooms. Today, lighting is being adapted more and more to special requirements and personal needs. Light management is also the key to more sustainability in lighting. Because only with electronic control can operators and users take full advantage of modern light sources. Here are some main benefits [...]