How to Reduce Light Pollution

How to Reduce Light Pollution Light pollution is almost everywhere. It could be originating from a stadium or elsewhere. You can admire it from afar when you gasp at the skyline of your town. It might also be the annoying light on the streets that shines through your bedroom window during bedtime. Light pollution contends with starlight in the sky. Further, it affects the astronomical views, disrupts the ecosystem, and may have severe health effects. There are 4 common kinds of light [...]

All You Need to Know About UGR

All You Need to Know About UGR UGR stands for Unified Glare Rating. Uncomfortable glare in industrial lighting and common rooms or places in public buildings should be evaluated using the unified glare value (UGR). The lower the value, the less discomfort the user will experience from the lighting. For lamps with a large luminous surface such as panel lights, linear lights should be implemented with plates that can suppress large-angle light. The above method can also be used for lamps with [...]