DALI & Push Dimmable and Tunable Lighting System

DALI is a dedicated data transmission protocol for digital lighting control, defining the digital communication method between lighting fixtures and system control devices.

The DALI-2 system is an intelligent control system based on the standard DALI-2 protocol, combined with advanced technologies such as the Internet, cloud storage, and site project management. The system not only supports the standard DALI-2 protocol and equipment, but also supports the DALI wireless protocol and equipment. The system supports the access of multiple device types, supports complex device linkage and logical settings, supports lighting and curtain control, supports pre-setting and remote debugging, and supports small-scale applications to large-scale applications.


– Dimming/Tunable white/Color control
– Scene and group control
– Daylight harvesting control
– Motion sensing control
– Support RS485 protocol curtain control
– Circadian rhythm and human-centric lighting (HCL) control
– Complex logic and equipment relevance control
– Operation logic switch + schedule control
– Support connecting with third-party systems, such as BACnet, Modbus systems, KNX, etc

Room Solution

For room-level lighting control, the number of lamps generally does not exceed 64, and a DALI circuit can support up to 64 DALI lamps, so one DALI circuit can be workable. Using a lighting control system that supports DALI-2, you can connect standard DALI-2 control devices and driver devices, such as control panels, sensors, etc., through the flexible settings of these panels, sensors, drivers and software, can achieve intelligent room control requirements easily.

Room Solutions
Room Solutions

Floor and Building Solutions

The cascade and linkage of DALI-2 gateways can provide solutions for floor and whole building lighting and curtain control. Each gateway contains an Ethernet network port, through which each DALI-2 gateway can be cascaded and device linkage can be performed through the software. For example, the control panel of gateway A can control the lights under gateway B, the lights under gateway A and the lights under gateway B can be set in a group and controlled, etc. At the same time, the entire control system can run independently or connect to the encrypted cloud for settings, control, upgrades, etc.

Building Solutions
Building Solutions


Tunable White Function

– The power supply has 2 output channels used to control the intensity and temperature of white color as well known as “Tunable White”.
– Respond to DALI type 8 (DT8) commands, which in practice means that they only have 1 common address for both output channels.
– The tunable white level of intensity and color temperature can be set either with a DALI command or by PUSH switch control.
– The power supply will operate correctly once tunable white LED module parameters are programmed to the driver. Use the DALI tools for the parameter setting.
– The higher the brightness, the wider the color temperature range can be obtained.

Tunable White 2
Tunable White
Tunable White Schematic Diagram
Tunable White Schematic Diagram

LogosLED Tunable White LED Lighting Features

– High efficiency driver, PF>0.9, low THD, CRI Ra>80(Ra>90 optional);
– Dimmable constant current 2-channel LED driver with DALI DT8;
– Color temperature tuning is stepless and small tolerance;
– Dimming range 1% to 100%, saving more than 80% energy compared with traditional lighting fixtures;
– Flicker-free at any brightness, meeting the standard of Flicker-free(lEEE Std-1789-2015);
– Power input on stand-by<0.3W, turn on delay time<0.5s, compatible with ERP;
– Support LED hot-plug in protection function, support LED over-power protection function;
– Perfect light uniformity, LM80 approved LEDs, up to 160LM/W;
– Approved with CE, RoHS and 5 years warranty.

Dimming Curve

Dimming Curve
Dimming Curve

Note: The dimming curve can be selected by DALI configuration. The default is a logarithmic dimming curve.

Tunable White Control Options

1. DALI Control

DALI Dimming and Tunable Solution
DALI Dimming and Tunable Solution


2. Push Switch

Push Dimming and Tunable Solution
Push Dimming and Tunable Solution


3. Wireless Control

Wireless Dimming and Tunable Solution
Wireless Dimming and Tunable Solution

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