New Lanched LED Linear High Bay Light

LED market has grown explosively for it’s energy saving and the cost goes down in recent years. Industrial lighting is a very important market in the lighting market. To meet the various demands of our customers and rapid growing of the markets, Logos Lighting has lanched a new LED linear high bay light recently. Here we take a look of this new product: 1.Modularization design, the power ranges from 50W to 500W for different application places. 2.Air convection design, omni-directional [...]

What Factors Affect the Luminous Efficiency of a LED High Bay Light

LEDs are more and more widely used due to it is much energy saving and environmental friendly. And high luminous efficiency LED lights are more and more popular as it means higher efficiency when transforming electricity to light and saving more energy. But do you know what factors affect the luminous efficiency of a LED light fixture?   There are three main factors which affect the luminous efficiency of a finished LED light fixture directly——the luminous efficiency of LEDs, the [...]

Are Your LED High Bay Light Equipped with Fake Meanwell Driver?

Are your high bay lamp equipped with MEAN WELL driver? If you think with this MEAN WELL driver, your LED high bay lamp can last 5 years or more, we are sorry to tell it possibly cannot. Because your MEAN WELL driver may be fake. As a high bay lamp manufacturer, we are glad more and more LED high bay lights are used for industrial lighting. The led driver is the core of a LED high bay lamp. It affects [...]


Warehouse owners and managers have numerous lighting options, but one type is becoming increasingly popular. High bay LED lighting?boasts many features that make them a great choice for commercial spaces. 1.ENERGY SAVINGS Reducing energy use is the number one benefits of transitioning to LED lights. LED lights are known for their energy efficiency, regardless of what type of LED light is being used or it’s location. For example, LED lights use half the energy of traditional 400-watt metal halide lighting. [...]

The Top First Reason For LED Luminaire Failure & Degradation

Heat is the number one reason for LED failure/degradation. While most LEDs are durable enough to operate in extreme environments, it will greatly decrease their life. LEDs don’t usually die, but they degrade at a predictable rate and heat accelerates this process. LED Drivers are sensitive to heat, too.  In fact, if the LED seems to have failed completely the first problem to check for is a failed driver. Where does the heat come from? The LED chips create a significant amount of [...]

DALI and 0-10V Dimmable LED Panel

Shenzhen Logos Lighting Co., Ltd recently launched its new generation LED light panel series, which are more stable, unique design and a more wide range of applications. Such as commercial lighting, residential lighting, hospitality lighting and industrial lighting, etc.. Multiple choice of size and power, 300*300 mm, 600*600 mm, 620*620 mm, 1200*300 mm, 1200*600 mm, which with CCT from 3000 K to 6500 K and recessed mounted, surface mounted or suspended. All the panels are with 5 year warranty. Adopt [...]

New Generation LED Panel Light

Logos Lighting has currently released its new generation LED panel light back lit plus edge lit series. New LED panel light is committed to American and European market, focused on office and commercial lighting application. New generation LED panel light includes back lit and edge lit, dimming or non-dimming available. Square and rectangle in shape with various sizes applied in different market. 1) Back Lit LED Panel Light Although today edge lit panel light is more popular than back lit LED panel light, [...]

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