LED Sports Lighting Color Temperature: Which is Best for Footballer?

In the last few years LED lights have gained a lot of popularity because these lights are very energy efficient as well as brighter than traditional lighting fixtures. For any stadium, LED is the best option as it is brighter as well as durable. LED lighting provides a consistent level of lighting ensuring safety and enjoyment for both the players and the spectators. Apart from the brightness of lighting fixtures, another important thing is the color temperature of the lighting fixtures. The color temperature of lights plays a great role in setting the mood of the player.

Importance of good lighting in the football stadium

Good lighting design is always vital for matches and the players. The lighting for a football stadium needs to be surrounded. Also, the LED lighting fixtures used needs to be of high power that can travel a long distance inside the stadium. The LED light used should provide a daylight-like effect so that the players can get a clear vision while playing. Another benefit of LED lighting is it has advanced beam control and less light spill than other kinds of lighting fixtures.

Comparison of different color temperature

The color temperature of LED lights is measured in Kelvin. Here are the 3 categories of color temperature to let you understand the intensity of each lighting.


Soft yellowish or low white color to give a soothing, warm, and relaxing effect at the home. This lighting temperature is best for homes as it provides a relaxing ambiance.


Bright white vibrant and crisp color to provide clear vision and energy. This level of color temperature is better for football, baseball stadium, etc.


This is by far the most vibrant and white color temperature that provides a completely clear daylight vision. It’s mostly used in stadiums.

Which is the best color temperature for a Football stadium?

Now as you know that bright color is highly recommended in a football stadium, you need to choose a color temperature that provides the maximum bright white color. A 5000K lighting fixture is perfect for a football stadium. Here’s why it’s best for a football stadium:
• Provides bright white color light in the stadium.
• Gives almost a daylight effect.
• Boosts the energy of the player.
• Provides the footballers with a clear vision on the field.

How color temperature affects the mood of footballers?

Color temperature indeed affects the mood of people. How? Depending on the color temperature of the lighting, our body releases a certain hormone. For example, a low colored light triggers the release of a hormone named melatonin which is responsible for making us sleepy. This light color temperature gives the body a warm and relaxing feeling. In the same way, high color temperature lighting increases the Serotonin Hormone in the body. Serotonin Hormone is responsible for bringing instant energy to the body.

Now footballers on the field need a lot of strength and energy to play efficiently. Gloomy lighting will not quite work here. It will bring their mood. They need energy the most. A bright color temperature especially a daylight color will enhance their mood with a lot of energy and bring a level of enthusiasm in them. With more energy in the body, their performance will be better.

This is why the exact color temperature is important in a football stadium.

Final thoughts

When you are buying an LED sports lighting make sure you choose a quality fixture that provides a guarantee period. We recommend the use of 5000K because it is more natural and better for the footballer. Though the LED doesn’t get damaged too early it’s always better to buy them stuff from a reliable product.

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