3 Tips for Good Sport Lighting

Why does sport need good lighting?

All sporting events need good lighting to achieve the best results and this will delight participants and viewers whether they are on site or watching at home on TV. Increasingly, arenas are used not only for various sports, but even for other events, as well as concerts, theater performances, and exhibitions. This must also be taken into account when designing the lighting. Sports events are increasingly broadcast on the media and television, which means that the demand for lighting is increasing. Lighting that conveys excellent image quality, as well as limiting glare and distraction of players, without forgetting the comfort of the viewers. The impact of the media will also encourage more people to take up the sport. The quality of the lighting installation is one of the main factors that determine the quality of the space.

The following description will begin with an overview of the main concepts used and important issues in sports lighting. According to lighting design, recommendations are divided into two parts:
• Sports lighting Without TV
• Sports lighting With TV

EN12193 is the European standard for sports lighting, and is often used not only in Europe as well. It should be noted that the relevant national guidelines for sports lighting should be taken into account as well.

Switching mode

Lighting must be designed to include different levels of lighting that are suitable for the appropriate level of competition or training. Also in terms of energy consumption. Switching modes are commonly used for:
• Training
• Local competitions
• Emergency TVs
• International TVs

Recommendations With Television

If there will be a TV, be sure to consider the lighting and evenness. Vertical illumination also needs to be calculated. Measurements should be 1.5 meters above the playing surface. In the basin, calculations should be made at the water level.


It is important that the luminaires are installed as indicated in the lighting calculations and that there is enough space to allow the luminaires to be tilted in the right direction. There must be access to luminaires, maintenance, cleaning and sufficient space must be provided so that no one obstructs the light from structures, fastenings, etc.

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