What’re Light Colors – From Warm to Cool

What’re Light Colors – From Warm to Cool Humans experience their environment not only through light and shadow, but also through colors. The light color of a lamp also determines the impression of the room and is an important criterion when planning biologically effective lighting. The light of each light source has its own color, the so-called light color. It is described by the color temperature, measured in Kelvin (K). The higher the temperature value, the cooler the light color. The light [...]

How to Reduce Light Pollution

How to Reduce Light Pollution Light pollution is almost everywhere. It could be originating from a stadium or elsewhere. You can admire it from afar when you gasp at the skyline of your town. It might also be the annoying light on the streets that shines through your bedroom window during bedtime. Light pollution contends with starlight in the sky. Further, it affects the astronomical views, disrupts the ecosystem, and may have severe health effects. There are 4 common kinds of light [...]

What is Sports Lighting?

What is Sports Lighting? Sports lighting is, therefore, the incorporation of artificial lighting in the stadiums to help mimic the natural lighting during the day to ensure the continuity of the sports. Due to the advancement of technology, there has been a massive improvement in the lighting of the stadiums where it becomes difficult to distinguish between day and night. Bright LED lights are now been used in many stadiums which are proving vital and necessary in the sporting world. Types of [...]

All You Need to Know About Flickering of LED Light

All You Need to Know About Flickering of LED Light The flickering of light sources as well as pulsation and stroboscopic effects cause visual disturbances and can lead to fatigue and headaches. You must, therefore, be avoided. Fluctuations in brightness are referred to as flicker. The observer perceives them as very disturbing. These fluctuations are perceived by humans as very unpleasant at low frequencies (in extreme cases up to approx. 80 Hz). As an exception, low-frequency flicker can also trigger photosensitive [...]

4 Benefits with Light Management

4 Benefits with Light Management The lighting technology is an essential part of the technical equipment of buildings. With professional planning, it offers great added value for operators and users. Intelligent light management and the use of LEDs enable tailor-made solutions for lighting: needs-based, convenient, and efficient. Only “on” and “off” was yesterday. Light management systems bring the right light to the right place – at the right time and in the right intensity. Whether high illuminance levels for demanding visual tasks, presence dependent controlled lighting in passage areas, or selectable lighting scenes such as “discussion” and “presentation” in meeting rooms. Today, lighting is being adapted more and more to special requirements and personal needs. Light management is also the key to more sustainability in lighting. Because only with electronic control can operators and users take full advantage of modern light sources. Here are some main benefits [...]

Dimming Singals: Analog Dimming and Digital Dimming

Dimming Singals: Analog Dimming and Digital Dimming There are different methods for dimming, but do you know which kind of dimming signal before you buy a smart LED lighting fixture with dimming systems? The dimming signal can be divided into: analog dimming and digital dimming. Analog and Digital Dimming Singal 1. Analog dimming Analog dimming is to modulate the bias of the base of the transistor or the gate of the MOS tube according to the change of the corresponding load to achieve [...]

What Are Dimming Curves

What Are Dimming Curves The dimming curve is a parameter that the dimming device often enumerates. Generally speaking, a dimming device outputs light according to a predetermined function after receiving the input signal. This function image is the dimming curve. It is one of the important parameters of dimming equipment. It directly affects the effect of light output and is the embodiment of the performance of digital dimming equipment. Types of the dimming curve There are many dimming curves, and some devices [...]

7 Frequently Asked Questions About DALI Dimming

7 Frequently Asked Questions About DALI Dimming DALI is a special lighting control protocol, with overall dimming, group dimming, address dimming, multi-scene mode settings, with simple and reliable, excellent functions, flexible expansion, and other characteristics. When replacing a new device, this new DALI device automatically obtains the address of the original old device. If two or more devices are replaced, the new device will get any of the free address. Therefore, when the device is installed, there will be no [...]

What’s Emergency Lighting

What’s Emergency Lighting The LED industry has entered a mature stage, and general lighting technology has become transparent, entering the competition of scale and quality control. In recent years, the improvement of safety awareness has made users pay more attention to the application of emergency lighting, and emergency power supply, as the core of emergency lighting, plays a key role. But at present, users do not understand emergency power supply. Isn’t it just a power supply with a battery? Not so, [...]

What Factors That Affecting The SDCM of LED Lighting Fixtures

What Factors That Affecting The SDCM of LED Lighting Fixtures In view of the increasing demand for lighting, the requirements for the light color quality of LED lamps in the application market are becoming more and more stringent, and the requirements for the color tolerance of LED lamps are also higher. Because it is difficult for people to intuitively understand color coordinates and DUV indicators, they are more accustomed to using human eyes to evaluate the difference in light color [...]