4 Benefits with Light Management

The lighting technology is an essential part of the technical equipment of buildings. With professional planning, it offers great added value for operators and users. Intelligent light management and the use of LEDs enable tailor-made solutions for lighting: needs-based, convenient, and efficient.

Only “on” and “off” was yesterday. Light management systems bring the right light to the right place – at the right time and in the right intensity. Whether high illuminance levels for demanding visual tasks, presence dependent controlled lighting in passage areas, or selectable lighting scenes such as “discussion” and “presentation” in meeting rooms. Today, lighting is being adapted more and more to special requirements and personal needs.

Light management is also the key to more sustainability in lighting. Because only with electronic control can operators and users take full advantage of modern light sources. Here are some main benefits with light management on buildings.

A. Artificial lighting is automatically matched to natural light via daylight sensors. In this way, up to 80 percent of energy can be saved compared to old systems with much better light quality.

B. Presence detectors and motion sensors activate the lighting whenever a room or zone is used. The light goes out automatically when there is no movement – an effective means of preventing unnecessary power consumption.

C. With storage light scenes, the lighting can be quickly adapted to changing requirements.

D. With control, the light becomes dynamic; Brightness and light colors can be varied as desired. So not only realize interesting effects in shop lighting, but also implement lighting according to the Human Centric Lighting Concept (HCL). HCL solutions also take into account non-visual effects of light and support people around the clock: performance and well-being during the day, rest and regeneration at night.

Because light management systems offer high potential savings, they were designed for areas of building reference technology. If you have any questions about lighting systems for your projects, welcome to contact us directly.

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