Do LEDs Lighting Fixtures Change Colour Over Time?

Most light sources will degrade over time and the LED is no exception. The electrical and thermal stresses on the components will have an effect on the colour performance eventually.

Color shift is a mode of early LED failure occurs. Color shift involves a significant change in the spectral output of a light source, resulting in a change in the color temperature and colour rendering properties. Color shift can occur temporarily due to operating conditions or permanently as a result of physical changes to LED packages. In the case of a permanent and noticeable shift in color, it can be considered a mode of parametric failure since the specifications guaranteed by the manufacturer are no longer met.

As the reported Macadam Ellipse performance at zero hours will change over time, so it is worth checking with the manufacturer if that data isn’t immediately available from the data sheet. This is particularly important in installations where good colour performance over time is essential, such as in art galleries and areas requiring good colour inspection. This also includes healthcare facilities where accurate assessment of skin tones is so important.

Power supply and thermal management criteria all must be correct to ensure that the MacAdam Ellipses and lumen power that you require are still the same MacAdam ellipses and lumen power you end up with.
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